Friday, April 12, 2013

Pepper and Onion Skillet Pork Chops

I bought a family pack of pork chops and only needed half of it for a dish I was making.  I had four pork chops lefts so I decided to make a simple pan fried pork chops for dinner.  My kids and husband love mashed potatoes so I thought these skillet pork chops would go great with it.  The dish creates a savory sauce that was perfect over the mash potatoes.  Even my young daughter who sometimes refuses to eat meat loved the flavor of these chops.


4 large bone in pork chops
1 large onion sliced
2 sweet peppers sliced (bell peppers, cubanelle pepper)
salt and black pepper
1/2 tsp poultry seasoning
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/2 tsp dried basil
1 Tbs balsamic vinegar
1 tsp brown sugar
1/4 cup chicken broth or water
Heat 2 Tbs canola oil in large frying pan (with lid).  Salt and pepper the four pork chops and brown well on both sides for 4 minutes each.  Transfer chops onto a plate once browned until later.

Next add the onion and peppers to the frying pan with the oil and pan drippings.  Saute for 2-3 minutes.  Season with a salt, pepper, dried oregano, basil and poultry seasoning.
Then add the balsamic vinegar, sugar and broth/water.  Stir well.  Add the browned chops to finish cooking in the pan (make sure you pour any drippings from the plate).  Place a lid on pan and cook for 5 more minutes.  Serve with favorite sides like mash potatoes or rice.  Enjoy.

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  1. I do not eat pork.. But ur platter does look inviting with the meat & colorful veggies around it :)

    1. You can definitely try this with chicken. I bet it would be very tasty too. :)

  2. My boys just love pork dishes, so this dish would goes down well with them:) looks wonderful!

  3. looks tempting n delicious....

  4. THese look delicious!!! You always have a way of making me hungry at 9 am :)

  5. I'm with April. Though it's a little later for my visit than usual today. This looks fantastic.

  6. You always to be about a day ahead of me. Definitely have pork chops on the menu for this week.

  7. OMG over mashed potatoes?? I'm in love Ramona - and I normally shy away from pork chops cuz I feel like I always dry them out. I love every bit of this dish. :D

    Enjoy your weekend!


  8. Must try this recipe with Chicken...looks colorful n delicious as always :-)


  9. Beautiful as usual, with some fantastic colors! Sounds delicious :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  10. May I have a fork? This looks so good!

  11. this is the perfect comfort food! Love all the veggies with pork!

  12. Sounds marvelous, Ramona! I adore poultry seasoning...but never use it on pork! I will try this :) Happy weekend, my friend! xo

  13. the use of poultry seasoning and balsamic in this sounds quite delicious! Love your take on a classic pork chop dish!

  14. We love pork and probably eat it too often. I love your seasonings, and I'm sure my family will also.

  15. I swear I could eat cardboard if it came with peppers and onions but these pork chops look amazing.

  16. Mashed potatoes and pork chops sound like a very tasty meal to me.

  17. Just found this. I wonder...what if you put diced potatoes into this dish? Would that increase the cooking time? Muddy the flavors? It would make this a truly one dish meal. What do you think?


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