Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Full Irish/English Breakfast (Fry-Up)

This week I am playing tribute to some St. Patrick's Day favorites....

Now if you are looking for a hearty way to start your day a Full Irish or English Breakfast (also known as a Fry-Up) is the way to go.  I remember the first time I had this breakfast as a child at my Uncle's house in the UK.  I fell in love with the fact that they served baked beans for breakfast.  Now I am a big canned pork and bean or baked bean fan since I was a kid, so seeing a way to eat it at breakfast made my day. Sometimes, I just make a fried egg with pork and beans and hot buttered toast for breakfast to bring back those fond memories.  My love for beans at breakfast has even been inherited by my kids because it is one breakfast guaranteed to make them both happy in the morning.  We even love to eat breakfast for dinner sometimes and this is Full Irish/English breakfast/ Fry-Up is the number one request.  So eat like a KING for breakfast... you will definitely enjoy every bite.  Cheers!

Fried egg (any way you like)
Breakfast sausage
Baked beans or Pork and beans
Grilled tomatoes

Other options are:
Black and White pudding (for more info see this link)
potato cakes (fried mash potatoes)
hash browns (fried diced potatoes)
sauteed mushrooms

Cook each item as desired.  Serve with a nice cup of hot Irish Breakfast Tea

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  1. Thats a wonderful platter, wish i get it for my breakfast.

  2. Dilmah tea made it just perfect!!!

  3. Ramona, can you PLEASE come over and cook me breakfast? For oh i don't know, forever? PRETTY PLEASE?!?! :)

  4. Bill doesn't get as excited about food as I do, BUT he would be thrilled with this breakfast! All his favorites!! And beautiful, too!

  5. They serve baked beans for breakfast in Maine too.

  6. That is a great looking breakfast, Ramona. What a way to start a day! Since I have a wee bit o' the Irish in me, I'm thinking that I need to make a breakfast like this for myself soon. :)

  7. Way to have a delicious, massive, and super energetic breakfast :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. such a perfect plate for breakfast little bit of everything ;)

  9. That platter would certainly keep me satiated till beyond lunch! :P

  10. My husband asked me to get pork and bean when I buy groceries this week. Won't he be surprised when I whip up this breakfast for him!

  11. Now that is one hearty breakfast! Bobby loves this type of breakfast and I know if he were looking over my shoulder right now, he's be begging me to make it for him for breakfast in the morning. :) Happy St Patty's Day on Monday!!

  12. Oh gosh, I hate to admit, but I love this sort of breakfast....sometimes get it at buffets. I don't do this at home, but I like it! LOL


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