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Crockpot Creamy Savory Coconut Rice (Sri Lankan Kiri Bath) #crocktoberfest2013



 I've teamed up with some of my friends to bring you a great list of slow cooker breakfast recipes today!  There are 10 amazing recipes to check out and I think you will love every one of them!  If you love slow cooker dishes then check out the hashtag #crocktoberfest2013 on facebook, twitter, and instagram to find all the other recipes that will be shared this week.

Crock-pot Creamy Savory Coconut Rice  (Sri Lankan Kiri Bath) 

Sri Lankan Kiri Bath (pronounced "kiree-buth", translates in English literally as "milk rice") is a traditional dish that is served and eaten during celebrations and auspicious occasions to mark and symbolize luck and happiness.  Most Sri Lankans start the first of every month (especially January 1st) with kiri bath for breakfast in hopes of starting the month and year off with good luck.  We typically cook this dish on the stove top or maybe in a rice cooker.  I wanted to experiment with the slow cooker and it worked out great.  I recommend only using white rice for fast and even cooking.

2 cups white rice (not basmati) -  I mixed mine with some Sri Red Rice above
2 cans (14-15oz) coconut milk (do not use the sweetened coconut milk/cream)
salt to taste
2-3 cups water (or as needed)

Rinse rice well. All all ingredients to slow cooker.  Cook on low for 3 hours.  Check at 2 1/2 hours to see if rice is cooked through and very tender. If needed add one more cup of water.  The consistency of this dish is creamy and thick (like a very thick rice pudding).  After rice is cooked allow to sit with lid on for 30 more minutes.  Enjoy with the following dishes for a traditional Sri Lankan meal that is enjoyed for breakfast.




Deviled Onion Sambal- Sri Lankan (Spicy)


Sri Lankan Fiery Pork Curry


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  1. wonderful dishes to make in the crockpot

  2. Wonderful collection of crockpot dishes...

  3. Wow! What a great idea! I love coconut rice and never thought of making it in the Crockpot! I love this recipe!!

  4. That's it. I'm coming to your house for the next big occasion. This looks amazing. I love that you added a little red rice to the mix. It added a pop that turned rice into a gorgeous presentation.

    1. My daughter calls this pink rice when I mix the two. It's one of her favorite things to eat. This is the first time I tried it in a slow cooker. The only issue with the two rices is that the red rice requires longer cooking time. So I had to add a little extra time to cook it through.

  5. Love the speckles from the red rice! What a yummy way to start the day!

  6. I love making coconut rice ... but I have definitely never done it in my crockpot! Such a great idea!

  7. I've been wanting to try coconut fact my friend was just telling me how yummy it is just last week. Now seeing how easy it is and how beautiful it looks (especially with the red thrown in)....I know we will be making some soon. Thanks!

  8. This is such a cool idea, Ramona! I've never had coconut rice!

  9. It's time to dust off my crockpot! It looks so pretty, what a festive dish to start the day.

  10. Umm... how much is 2 cans, in oz? Can size can vary, and here in the US we can buy coconut milk by the quart.

    1. I corrected the recipe to show 14oz-15oz canned coconut milk. I do not use the refrigerated coconut milk, but the canned coconut milk which is found most US grocery stores. Do not use the sweetened kind... unsweetened for this recipe.


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