Sunday, August 12, 2012

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 8/06/12 thru 8/12/12


Happy Sunday Everyone!

We had another hot and busy week last week.  I am looking forward to Autumn weather coming sooner than later this year.  The days over 90+ degrees has been at record highs and I can't wait until we can just open the windows again and let the cool breeze flow into our house.

My mother, niece and nephew came over for a play date with my kids this week.  My mother and I cook together and that's always fun for me.  My mother helped me make a wonderful eggplant dish that I plan on posting this coming week.  It is always amazing me that my mother has been cooking for over 65 years and she can still recall how to cook any Sri Lankan dish I ask her for the recipe.  I always say her brain is like an iron fortress that securely and safely houses our family recipes.  I was lucky enough to get my mother's cooking gene, but unfortunately not the gene to remember the recipes.  This blog and my recipe archives are important to me so I can recreate dishes my family loves.  I have a terrible time remembering the ingredients or quantities of ingredients I put into a dish to get the final outcome since I cook without measuring.  It makes me so happy that I am not only writing down my own recipes, but my mother's recipes too.   I always say that she is the best Sri Lankan cook I know so everyone interested in eating and cooking Sri Lankan food benefits from her recipes.

This has also been the 2nd week in maneuvering through the new Dailybuzz Food that replaced Foodbuzz.  I know some of us are still going through growing pains and trying to adjust to the new format so let's all try to keep in touch.  I have listed below my information so you can see what I have been cooking lately through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or by signing up to my blog for email updates.   You are welcome to sign up to any and all the links and leave your links in comments so I can also keep in touch with you.   So here are my links:
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Here is my Week in Review:

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